Utopia of Mianreve


Beyond the clouds there is a secret advanced utopian society of people who fled the earth seeking harmony. This place is called the Utopia of Mianreve. It composed of 5 cities. The city of Mianreve, Cielisule, Mont Mauve, Kamufli, and Konureve. Their hub on earth is located on Lake Louise, Alberta, as it was chosen so the citizens of the Utopia would always remember Earth and keep fighting for it. Each city has representative outfit.


The City of Mianreve


Mianreve is an abstract painting of water and the stars. When paying close attention clues of those elements can be seen. The idea of Mianreve was for it to be a coded map of the Utopia of Mianreve. Since it’s this Mianreve is the capital of the Utopia of Mianreve, it was chosen to be the design for the city.


Cielisule is a peek into this Advanced society and their infrastructure. As it can be seen the sky and the ground are nearly identical in color as it is floating in the clouds.



Kamufli is inspired in the pink clouds and the blue sky. It is their version of wearing camouflage. Their peace department wears this when keeping a watchful eye to maintain the floating island hidden.


Konureve are the safe heaven guardians. Whenever a person in earth needs protection and/or wants to join the Utopia of Mianreve citizens travel to earth to pick them up wearing Konureve so they can be recognized and the travellers feel protected.


Mont Mauve

Mont Mauve is a mountain in the island filled with mallow flowers.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is actually Lake Louise, AB. It is the meeting point when traveling from Earth to the Utopia of Mianreve.  The union between my Earth collection and the new collection.



Back Story



When Olympe de Gouges was arrested, the prosecution couldn’t find any evidence against her, so she showed it to them, because she was not ashamed of speaking her mind and fighting for her beliefs. Her fellow members of the Society of the Friends of the Truth stood by her, and still stand by her now.

After her execution her fight for women’s rights and abolitionism persisted through her supporters and like minded individuals, and in honor of Olympe de Gouges they created the French Lime secret society.

The name French Lime was first used as a metaphor to describe Olympe’s spirit “bold, electrifying, brave, and never afraid to show her true essence, someone who always stood out and spoke out”. Soon after that the society incorporated the Lime as their symbol, a symbol of resilience and electrifying strength.

The vision of the French Lime society was to create a space of equality and compassion, a place where everyone had a voice and their concerns and contributions would be appreciated.

Their first mission was to save and hide another political writer who advocated for mercy, her writings questioned the executions as a method of punishment, therefore she was sentenced to the guillotine. As the guards went to take her to the guillotine the only thing in her cell was a lime. Time went by and the efforts to capture her subsided but the mystery of her disappearance never did. 

As time went along the French Lime society had rescued people from all around the world. The community was becoming bigger, more efficient and more connected all around, but the members didn’t want to continue to be discreet with their fight for a better world as it went against the foundational principles of the French Lime. 

With this in mind they decided to create a new world knowing that it wouldn’t be easy, but that they had the skills needed to do it. It turns out that advancement could be achieved way quicker in a world where everyone could contribute without biases, and ideas would be welcomed, instead of burnt. 

Mianreve was born in 1976, an Island in the stratospheric clouds composed of 5 cities. Cielisule, Mont Mauve, Mianreve, Kamufli, Konureve. Each of the cities created a celebratory outfit to celebrate their respective cities and their unity as a new society. Every anniversary of Mianreve the citizens wear it proudly.

Mianreve is thriving, but the citizens haven't forgotten about earth, and they are still connected through the French Lime society which keeps fighting to promote unity and tolerance into this beautiful and inconsistent world of ours.